Sundial kit

What do I get when I order?



setout tool

circle number stencils



Your sundial will be custom designed for the longitude and latitude of your location. This is then broken down into triangles. It’s an easy exercise for students to read a tape measure.

Compass extension drawing

No expensive survey equipment is needed. The only things required are two tape measures and an inexpensive drawing compass. Plans to construct a tool to extend the reach of the drawing compass are included with your kit.

Solar noon calendar

To layout the sundial, true north must be found. This differs to magnetic north. To find true north, simply mark a shadow at the time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. This is known as solar noon, high noon, or the time when the sun souths. This is different for every day of the year and is specific to the longitude of your area.

A calendar that shows solar noon for every day of the year will be included in your sundial kit.


Stencils will be supplied in pdf.

1. Print out the stencils

2. Tape together when required. For example, each month is made up from three pages

3. Cut out the guide holes

4. Paint through the holes

5. Remove the stencil and connect the dots

Grass Dial Plans

Included with your sundial kit are the plans to make the hour and month tiles. These tiles are then staked out on a lawn using high visible plastic tent pegs.


Detailed instructions complete with a step by step procedure will be included in your sundial kit. If you have any questions, please email us for further support.