My Story

Job search can be very frustrating!

I was a frustrated job seeker and was beating my head against the wall! The rejections seemed never ending. I knew that my online applications are competing against 100 others. I wanted to apply for a job BEFORE it gets advertised. I wanted to be one of those people that “are in the right place at the right time” but how could I? I decided to go door knocking. However I was usually turned away by the receptionist/gatekeeper. “You must apply online”, was the typical response. (and compete with 100 others as well)

This is what brought me to the idea of creating a Visual Resume. I needed something that will spark up curiosity. I had to introduce something to interrupt the canned reply of, 'talk to the hand'. I disturbed this generic response by giving her something that she's never seen before. This sparked her interest and gave us something to talk about other than, 'go away'.

My 'foot in the door' was very effective and sometimes lead to talking to the supervisor. This in itself was great, but what was even better is that I felt more in control!