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Learning Outcomes 3

Try our interactive tool to help you choose the colours of your sundial.

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For easy painting, stencils are provided with your sundial kit

To use these stencils simply:

  1. Print them out

  2. Cut out where indicated on the stencil

  3. Join together if required (some stencils are made from multiple sheets)

  4. Paint through the holes in the paper

  5. Paint the number/month by using the dot as a guide (connect the dots)

The concept of teamwork is self explanatory. It’s the process of a group of people working together for one goal. Each team member brings forth his/her skill in a coordinated manner to produce a desirable result.

Cooperation is essential The students must work together in order to dimension by triangulation. In the animation below, the green student/s can do their job while the red student/s must let go of the tape measure.

Teamwork is not just an activity, it’s a valuable talent. It’s essential for students to hone their teamwork skills. By doing so, children can become better team players in their years to come.

Being a team player is recognized as an essential skill. If fact it’s so important, it’s a prerequisite for many jobs.