Learning Outcomes 1

It’s this question that gives the students such a boost in their self-esteem!

We help teachers develop students skills through building an analemmatic sundial. The participants have so much fun, they don’t even realize they’re learning!

By the end of this page you will have an understanding of what we do, what we can teach, and how this can benefit your students in a real world scenario.

Though our sundial, students will be learning;

  • Mathematics

  • Geography

  • Astronomy

  • Art

  • Teamwork

What is our Analemmatic sundial?-  It’s an interesting and fun outdoor activity that lets students discover an ancient way of using the sun to tell the time. It builds their skills in maths, science, astronomy and the arts. The students learn all of this through an exciting group activity.

Students paint the hours and months around a central point. Then by standing on the current month, their own shadow tells them the time!

You will quickly see that measurement is one of the leaning aspects. However, even if measurement is beyond the capability of the student, the teacher can place electrical tape on the measuring device. At first glance, this sounds like it would be too much help. However, there is still a challenge in teamwork when these two tape measures are combined to find the desired point by triangulation.

There are more confronting tasks than measurement.  The initial layout of the four survey marks and finding true north would challenge the skills of a grade 12 class!
There is enough in the sundial to be interesting to all grades. The difference is the amount of supervision the teacher offers the students.


Our sundial is a fun training tool in measurement.  Any picture can be drawn on the ground by first drawing triangles. Surveyors have measured this way for centuries. Property boundaries, roads, and buildings are all set out by triangulation.

Surveyors measure the ground by using triangles

The sundial kit is a great introduction into surveying and trigonometry. There is no need for expensive surveying equipment. All that is required are two tape measures.

Why are triangles used instead of X and Y values?   Click here


 Two tape measures are combined to find the triangles.

Our sundial is drawn on a flat surface. Therefore we only draw the horizontal triangles. We don’t need to draw the vertical ones.

 The sundial is custom designed for your area. Although your sundial is based on a complex scientific approach, we make it easy for you by breaking it up into triangles. Any shape can be drawn by triangulation as demonstrated by the sailboat below.

Any shape can be drawn by breaking it up into triangles

All dimensions are provided for you. The student sets out the sundial of human involvement by drawing triangles. All of the triangles are dimensioned from four points.




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Learning Outcomes 2

    The hour points of the sundial are arranged in an ellipse. This shape of the ellipse will depend on the latitude that the sundial’s designed for.   Our sundial is also designed for the longitude of your school. The numbers of the sundial are rotated for your area. Solar time and clock time …

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