See our video for a detailed explanation of an analemmatic sundial

The Sundial of Human Involvement is a type of sundial that uses a persons body to cast a shadow onto hour markers to tell the time. The position of the person is adjusted throughout the year. To read the sundial, stand on the center line on today’s date. Your shadow will tell the time.

Each sundial is custom designed for your school

The sundial can be painted on concrete, bitumen, or grass

Our sundial makes a great addition to any playground.  This can be set-out and painted in a few hours. This can constructed by parents that volunteer or by the students as part of a learning exercise.

Our sundial is a great exercise in teamwork and measurement. The students must work together in order to dimension by triangulation. In the animation above, the green student/s can do their job while the red student/s must let go of the tape measure.

If desired, the students can practice measuring by triangulation by drawing a simple house.