How is your job hunt going? Is there a job you really want to nail? You may have all the abilities needed to get the career and the salary you are dreaming about, but that’s not always the most important thing.

Surprised? You should be.

Due to overload and bureaucracy, most company’s representatives will barely look at your resume and cover letter. They go straight into a database. Applicants are sorted like a search on Google. Keywords are typed in and only a few resumes that are found in the search are even read! Your application may be rejected before it’s even considered!
The standard way of applying is very competitive.  There are many more job applicants than there are available jobs. That’s why you need every advantage available! Although we agree that you should keep trying by submitting your resume online, it’s also imperative to try the ‘Back Door’ as well.
A Visual Resume will help you in:


According to Forbes, networking is one of the most successful ways for job search

Cold Canvassing

A Visual Resume will help you to get past ‘The Gatekeeper’. Because it’s new, the receptionist will look at it out of curiosity.